Honored and excited to be a part of the 2024 Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation Mission. This is always a life altering experience for everyone involved.
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  • Parag Patel

    $102.90 / 73 days ago

    Great to hear you are able to participate in this wonderful cause. Have a safe trip and a successful week.

  • Anonymous

    $51.45 / 80 days ago

    Praying for a successful trip! God bless!

  • Michael Cracchiola

    $250.00 / 80 days ago

    Thank you for volunteering your time and using your amazing talents to help these children.

  • George Gmytrasiewicz

    $1,000.00 / 88 days ago

    Thank you for all that you do! OALI

  • Alyssa Nordmann

    $51.45 / 89 days ago

  • John Angelo

    $102.90 / 89 days ago

    Safe travels, I’ll hold down the fort while you save those kids.

  • Danielle DeGiorgio

    $102.90 / 89 days ago

    May God bless you and all those you encounter along the way. Thankful for your humility and willingness to use your gifts and talents to help! Love and respect always, The DeGiorgio family!

  • Caitlyn Ingram

    $25.73 / 89 days ago

    Dr. Christoforou has made such a lasting impact on my life, performing now 7 surgeries while I fight against 2 incurable diseases, and I know he can do the same for those in Guatemala. I am so thankful for him & honored to call him my doctor.

  • Stefanie Cappellino

    $500.00 / 89 days ago

    Sharing your God given gifts with others......there's nothing more important.......thank you for giving to those in need of healing.....thoughtful, selfless and beautiful act of kindness! The Cappellino Crew Have a safe and amazing time!

  • Anonymous

    $1,000.00 / 92 days ago

    Thank you Suffolk Anesthesia for supporting the foundation and this amazing cause!

  • Frank Spanos

    $100.00 / 94 days ago

    Safe Trip D!

  • Mark Harary

    $100.00 / 94 days ago

  • Douglas Petraco

    $257.25 / 95 days ago

    The patients will certainly benefit from your skill and your generosity

  • Steven Puopolo

    $1,500.00 / 97 days ago

    Safe travels and good luck. You are doing God's work.

  • Chris Georgiadis

    $205.80 / 97 days ago

  • Michael Sileo

    $500.00 / 97 days ago

  • Margarita Maravel

    $250.00 / 97 days ago

    So proud to support you on this medical mission trip! Just amazing!

  • John Kadzielski

    $250.00 / 97 days ago

  • Georgios Spanos

    $200.00 / 97 days ago

  • Matthew Wagner

    $257.25 / 97 days ago

  • Andrew Leo

    $250.00 / 98 days ago

About Dimitri Christoforou, MD

To learn more about GHHF please visit www.guatemalahands.org. Below also find a summary of GHHF’s work over the last 19 years: 

- Evaluated 1,925 patients for hand surgery and therapy 
- Completed surgery on 739 patients 
- Fabricated 1,453 orthotics 
- Educated over 3,500 MDs, therapists, and students 
- Brought one child to New Mexico to receive extensive hand surgery and three children to Shriners for surgery 

In 2010, GHHF began to implement community development initiatives to advance the health and wellbeing in the village of Chichoy Alto. GHHF has successfully: 

- Completed the construction and expansion of Chichoy Alto’s brand-new elementary school and first ever middle school
- Constructed 55+ latrines and 21 efficient ONIL stoves 
- Funded the digging of hillside trenches to lay piping to supply fresh water throughout the village
- Distributed crucial fertilizer to replenish Chichoy Alto’s disappearing crops
- Distributes emergency maize to families struggling with malnutrition
- Purchases school supplies to the 100+ elementary aged children
- Sponsored 16+ children to attend high school and 15+ teenagers to attend post high school program
- Distributed 32 Ecofilters in the village of Chuchuk’a Alto
- Established a chicken program to provide sustainable protein to students
- Funds an emergency food program that began as a result of COVID-19
- Currently working on funding the construction of multiple safe concrete family homes and have completed 5 of 30