Hi, everyone! This year we have the honor of taking part in an amazing medical mission to Guatemala! As pediatric nurses, this mission is something we hold close to our hearts. Everyday in the operating room we are able to take care of children with all different surgeries. During this mission we will be able to focus on pediatric hand surgery. Any donation can help and will be greatly appreciated! All proceeds go directly toward the mission!
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    Wishing Joanna and Daniella all the best!

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    Good Luck Joanna and team!! Thank you for your hard work! Jimmy & Jessica

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    Thank you to the amazing team headed to do amazing things for the children in Guatemala. Kim L.

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    So proud of my daughter and all the Nurses and Doctors for there Dedication to Support the Guatemala families

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    Keep changing the world through the artful combination of medicine/nursing and human connection. ❤️

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    What a wonderful cause that you are supporting! I am very happy to do my small part in supporting the wonderful nurses that are traveling to Guatemala to help these children in desperate need.

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    God bless you girls on your mission! Aldo to be able to care for those in Guatemala So proud!❤️

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About Pediatric Nurses

Joanna and Danniella have both worked in the Pediatric Operating room at Cohen's Children Medical Center since 2021. We are both looking forward to taking part on this medical mission since it is based on both our profession and speciality. 

GHHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and availability of healthcare in Guatemala through education, surgery, therapy, and community development. Each trip is led by a team of surgeons, therapists, anesthesiologists, and dedicated volunteers. We treat pediatric patients with congenital hand anomalies, burns and other traumas to the hand and upper extremity. 

All patients are treated free of expense. Because of the generosity of people like you, the organization has been able to impact hundreds of deserving Guatemalan families. All volunteers commit their time and expertise as well as cover personal travel expenses and the full expense of a child's surgery. 

Thank you so much for your generosity, support, and kindness. I cannot wait to tell you about my trip! 

Below is some information about the medical mission and all the work they have done in the past 20 years! To learn more about GHHF please visit www.guatemalahands.org. 

- Evaluated 1,925 patients for hand surgery and therapy 
- Completed surgery on 739 patients 
- Fabricated 1,453 orthotics 
- Educated over 3,500 MDs, therapists, and students 
- Brought one child to New Mexico to receive extensive hand surgery and three children to Shriners for surgery 

In 2010, GHHF began to implement community development initiatives to advance the health and wellbeing in the village of Chichoy Alto. GHHF has successfully: 

- Completed the construction and expansion of Chichoy Alto’s brand-new elementary school and first ever middle school
- Constructed 55+ latrines and 21 efficient ONIL stoves 
- Funded the digging of hillside trenches to lay piping to supply fresh water throughout the village
- Distributed crucial fertilizer to replenish Chichoy Alto’s disappearing crops
- Distributes emergency maize to families struggling with malnutrition
- Purchases school supplies to the 100+ elementary aged children
- Sponsored 16+ children to attend high school and 15+ teenagers to attend post high school program
- Distributed 32 Ecofilters in the village of Chuchuk’a Alto
- Established a chicken program to provide sustainable protein to students
- Funds an emergency food program that began as a result of COVID-19
- Currently working on funding the construction of multiple safe concrete family homes and have completed 5 of 30