Why have I volunteered for the Guatemala healing hand foundation for 18 plus years? Besides the incredible team I work with year after year and the extremely appreciative people we have helped… the foundation has: Evaluated 1,925 patients for hand surgery and therapy Completed surgery on 739 patients under 18 Fabricated 1,453 orthotics Educated over 3,500 MDs, therapists, and students. Please join in helping us by donating what ever you can.  I will be going to Guatemala on April 13, 2024   to join My OSG team. Sharon our hand therapist will be with me as well as Cristina Crespo, (first time going on a mdical mission) one of our medical asssistants! It is good to give back. Thanks,
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    $51.45 / 2 days ago

    Travel safe and ‘do good work’ :)

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    James Hall

    $100.00 / 4 days ago

    God bless Dr. Backe and his team for their extraordinary work and humanity shown to children in so many areas of critical need. I ask God to lend HIS supernatural assistance to all of their sacrificial human effort, so that results far exceed expectations. James Hall

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    Sandra Berman

    $102.90 / 14 days ago

    Honored to be able to help support the good work you are doing

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    Ambar Picon

    $102.90 / 32 days ago

    Great cause and medical team! Thank you for continuing to give back to those in need.

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    Steve Klemenz

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    Joe Theriault

    $200.00 / 44 days ago

    Thank you all for all you do…. Joe & Chrissy Theriault

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    Brian McGrath

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    Marie DeFrancis

    $102.90 / 50 days ago

    Have a safe trip Backe Hand Team. Your work to help others in need is an inspiration to all that giving back and caring for others is the greatest gift of satisfaction and joy that life has to offer.

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    Charles Zylstra

    $100.00 / 52 days ago

    Awesome work you are doing. Have a safe journey there and home

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    Bridgett Di bonaventura

    $205.80 / 52 days ago

    Henry, amazing work you are doing. Keep spreading the kindness and love.

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    Lawrence Vitulano

    $51.45 / 53 days ago

    Godspeed on your compassionate and gracious work. Thank you, Larry Vitulano

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    Lizzette Martinez

    $51.45 / 53 days ago

    The Backe Hand Team is amazing!!! Healing many well deserved children and families. I'm proud to help support such a wonderful cause.

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    Melissa White

    $100.00 / 53 days ago

    I’m so happy to hear that you are going again, to “help heal the world”, even if it’s one individual at a time. God bless and God speed.

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    Sharon Leichsenring

    $100.00 / 53 days ago

    Happy to support Backe Hand Team. Dr.Backe fixed my hands so I could work. Grateful to be able to support his team.

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    Ellen Levinson

    $200.00 / 53 days ago

    Thanks, Henry, for all you're doing, using your talents to help these children.

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    $514.50 / 53 days ago

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    Greg & Denise Kelly

    $257.25 / 53 days ago

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    Marco Ruano

    $150.00 / 53 days ago

    Keep up the great work!

About Backe Hand Team

To learn more about GHHF please visit www.guatemalahands.org. Below also find a summary of GHHF’s work over the last 19 years: 

- Evaluated 1,925 patients for hand surgery and therapy 
- Completed surgery on 739 patients 
- Fabricated 1,453 orthotics 
- Educated over 3,500 MDs, therapists, and students 
- Brought one child to New Mexico to receive extensive hand surgery and three children to Shriners for surgery 

In 2010, GHHF began to implement community development initiatives to advance the health and wellbeing in the village of Chichoy Alto. GHHF has successfully: 

- Completed the construction and expansion of Chichoy Alto’s brand-new elementary school and first ever middle school
- Constructed 55+ latrines and 21 efficient ONIL stoves 
- Funded the digging of hillside trenches to lay piping to supply fresh water throughout the village
- Distributed crucial fertilizer to replenish Chichoy Alto’s disappearing crops
- Distributes emergency maize to families struggling with malnutrition
- Purchases school supplies to the 100+ elementary aged children
- Sponsored 16+ children to attend high school and 15+ teenagers to attend post high school program
- Distributed 32 Ecofilters in the village of Chuchuk’a Alto
- Established a chicken program to provide sustainable protein to students
- Funds an emergency food program that began as a result of COVID-19
- Currently working on funding the construction of multiple safe concrete family homes and have completed 5 of 30